Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fulfilling Pledges From Kickstarter

Greetings to all!  

Notice how we had to barricade ourselves on the porch.
The fans were just going crazy.
First I want to apologize to my Kickstarter "Backers" I have missed a couple birthday tunes for folks who pledged for that reward.  I swore I had put it in my calendar to post on that date but alas I fell short. (Organized Musician = Oxymoron).
But I have fulfilled a concert!  We did it a couple weeks ago out at Jody Barrett's house.  It was a blast!

Also here are a few short clips from a show we did a couple weeks ago at the Fillin' Station in Kingston Springs.  I do not forget that my Kickstarter family got this thing rollin'.  It is so much fun singing this music. Thank you.

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