Friday, April 18, 2014

Great day for vocals! Don't like computers? Send me a check!

Wanted to share with everyone that today has been an AWESOME day for vocals!  I record vocals at my house so thankfully this doesn't cost me anything but time. :)
Very excited about the tunes I'm working on and I seriously can't wait to share them with everyone.  Still have lots of work to do and this is why I'm doing a Kickstarter campaign.
Thanks to those who have "backed" my project. It means a lot.  I'm gonna ask that if you can please share this link on your favorite social network.
This will take folks directly to my Kickstarter page where they can watch my video, listen to music and read these updates. Oh ya... AND MAKE A PLEDGE!
Also if you run into folks who say "I'd back HTD's project but I'm not very computer literate."  1) Call Honky Tonk Dave at 65 RING DAVE -- 657 464 3283 -- and leave a message about how they would like to help. 2) Several friends have asked to send a check directly to me.  This is fine too.  
Honky Tonk Dave Box 1 Kingston Springs TN 37082
REMINDER!  We will broadcast live this coming Tuesday night from 8-9pm.  This will again be an opportunity to let people know about my Kickstarter campaign so please send folks to 
I have been overwhelmed by all the support so far. It means a lot but we do have a ways to go with a little more than a week left. No pledge is too small or too large ;)
Honky Tonk Dave

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