Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Help Honky Tonk Dave Finish His New Record

Howdy! My name is Honky Tonk Dave and if ya couldn’t tell already I’m on a mission to share the sounds of Honky Tonk music! I need your help to complete my record of 10 songs and get the word out that Honky Tonk Dave is ready to go!
Honky Tonk Dave exists for the preservation of the country music of our forefathers and mothers. There seems to be no room for NEW classic country sounds. I'm writing and singing NEW original music in the honky-tonk style.  I want to join up with as many folks like you who want to preserve the heritage of great American country music.
Don't know what Kickstarter is? It's a new way to fund creative projects, and it's really simple in how it works. You help Ol' Honky Tonk with a pledge that's in your comfort range, and I send you a “reward” that matches with your level of generosity. And I thank you now for your support.
A little side note: The funds won't come out of your bank account/credit card until April 27...and that’s only if I reach my goal of $3500. If I do not reach my goal, I do not receive any funds. It's ALL or nothing. 
I believe in what we’re doing here. Let's do this thang!
Don’t ever forget - “There’s nothing wrong with a song from yesterday.”

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